Ben Gerlofs

Visiting Assistant Professor

I work at the intersection of urban, cultural, political, and historical geography, and my current projects are based in Mexico City.  My work is focused primarily on three areas of interest: 1) the political economy of urbanization in historical perspective; 2) the dynamics of contemporary urban social movements and the field of potential for grassroots politics; and 3) processes related to neighborhood change, including but not limited to gentrification. I explore these issues in the dynamic hyper-metropolis that is the Mexican capital city—the most populous urban area in the western hemisphere—whose historic neighborhoods are being demographically and aesthetically altered at an incredible rate, and whose systems of governance are on the edge of wholesale renovation as the city sheds the guise of the Federal District and is reborn as the State of Mexico City for the first time since the Mexican Revolution.

020 Fairchild
HB 6017
BA Aquinas College
MA Syracuse University
PhD Rutgers University

Selected publications

(2016)Ben A. Gerlofs, “Edge City or Bust: Dismantling a Regime of Aesthetic Governmentality in Oak Brook, Illinois.” Urban Geography, (DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2016.1168976).

(2014) Ben A. Campell’s and Don Baxter’s, “SOUPies: An Old(er) Urban Phenomenon.” Area,Vol. 46 (4), 443-445, (DOI: 10.1111/area.12132).