Garrett G. D. Nelson

Academic Appointments

Postdoctoral Fellow, Society of Fellows

I am a historical geographer who is interested in the ways that social change and landscape change are intertwined. My work focuses on how human communities make choices about transforming and managing the shared places in which they live, and, in turn, how those same places structure the formation of communities, states, and social groups. In particular, I am interested in the many themes which come together in the field of planning—concerns about justice, equality, aesthetics, ecology, and administration—and how these are related to the spatial pattern of human life on the earth’s surface. In addition to explaining the historical formation of landscapes and societies, these lines of inquiry also help to frame contemporary questions about how to make decisions about people and places.

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HB 6017


  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin–Madison, Geography
  • M.A. University of Nottingham (UK), Geography / Landscape and Culture
  • A.B. Harvard University, Social Studies / Visual and Environmental Studies