Joshua J. Cousins

Postdoctoral Fellow, EEES Program

Josh Cousins is a postdoc in the EEES program. His research draws on the fields of political ecology, industrial ecology, and science and technology studies to examine the interrelationships between water and energy resources, urban and infrastructural development, and environmental governance. As part of his dissertation, he examined how different forms of expertise (formal and informal) influence how stormwater flows through cities and enables and constrains different types of social-ecological relationships and understandings. He is also engaged in research with collaborators, Jennifer Baka and Josh Newell, on developing political-industrial ecology as a subfield of nature-society geography. The aim of the approach is to provide theory and method to empirically capture the social, political, and material processes enrolled in transforming society’s relationship with resources.

111 Fairchild
HB 6182
Ph.D. University of Michigan
M.S. Portland State University
B.A. University of Colorado, Boulder