Stephanie Spera

Postdoctoral Fellow, Neukom Institute

Stephanie Spera is interested in human-environment interactions: what drives our decisions to change land cover and land use, and what are the environmental consequences of these changes? She uses remote sensing methodologies and spatial statistics to answer those questions. Her work currently focusses on Brazil’s Cerrado biome. 

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Spera SA, Galford, GL, Coe MT, Macedo MN, Mustard JF Land-Use Change Affects Water Recycling in Brazil’s Last Agricultural Frontier. Global Change Biology. In press.


Cohn A, VanWey LK, Spera SA, Mustard JF (2016) Climate Variability Reduces Food Production by Diminishing Cropping Frequency and Area, Nature Climate Change


Richards P, Pellegrina H, VanWey L, Spera SA (2015) Soybean Development: The Impact of a Decade of Agricultural Change on Urban and Economic Growth in Mato Grosso, Brazil, PLoS One, 10(4): e0122510


Spera SA, Cohn A, Mustard J, Rudorff B, VanWey L, Risso J, Adami M (2014) Recent cropping frequency, expansion, and abandonment in Mato Grosso, Brazil had selective land characteristics. Environmental Research Letters, 9: 065010


VanWey L, Spera SA, de Sa R, Mahr D, Mustard J F (2013) Socioeconomic Development and Agricultural Intensification in Mato Grosso. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B, 368(1619): 20120168   

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B.A. Washington University in St. Louis, 2011 M.S. Brown University, 2013 Ph.D.. Brown University, 2016