Yaqian He

Postdoctoral Fellow, Geography

My backgrounds are climatology and remote sensing. I am using remote sensing, statistics, and climatology to explore the effects of human-induced land use and land cover changes on monsoon climate, including West Africa monsoon and East Asia monsoon. I am applying remote sensing to classify the land surface and statistical and climate models to examine the underlying physical mechanisms. Aside from research crammed with code and papers, I like road trips, table tennis, and great food.


012 Fairchild
HB 6017


  • Ph.D. in Geography (Climatology) in the Department of Geology and Geography, West Virginia University
  • M.S. in Cartography and GIS in the Department of Geography, Beijing Normal University, China
  • B.E. in Surveying Engineering in the Dept. of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics, China Univ. of Mining and Tech., China.