The ECOLAB: Ecosystem Ecology and Biometeorology (012 Fairchild)

The EcoLab is equipped with equipment to measure microclimates and the fluxes of energy and greenhouse gases between ecosystems and the atmosphere. The lab houses infrared gas analyzers (IRGAs) for measuring the flux of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane, using the eddy covariance method and chamber methods. To calibrate the IRGAs, the lab uses NOAA-calibrated reference trace gas air samples and a dew point generator.

The lab also serves as the staging ground for assembling and testing micrometeorological equipment, including sonic anemometers, pyranometers, net radiometers, PAR sensors, and aspirated temperature and humidity sensors, to be deployed for long-term field measurements. To facilitate these activities, the lab contains instruments and tools used for soldering, circuit building and testing, and basic mechanical assembly.

The EcoLab also contains instruments used to measure the canopy leaf area index, as well as soil moisture and heat flux.