Alumni Stories

David Brown '79

David Brown '79 has used his geography education every day of his professional life.  His career started in urban planning in Monroe, MI and Flint, MI.  David then began his career in the economic development leading an industrial development organizations in Monroe,MI.  From there to Fort Wayne, Indiana as VP for Economic Development at the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce.  Then to president of the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce.  Moved to Greenville, SC to be the president of that Chamber and now he is President of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.  Each of the chambers he has led are the key economic development organizations in their regions.  They are involved in community development, public policy, business recruitment, business expansion, small business assistance, entrepreneurship, international development, place making, strategic planning for communities, education reform and talent development.  In short, many of the topics covered in Dartmouth's geography curriculum have come to life in his career every day.  Even Professor Huke's Rice Grow program has merit today as David finds himself in an economy that is dependent on agriculture for 30% of our state GDP.  Da

Ben Hughey '12

Ben Hughey '12 makes maps. As a kid growing up in Alaska, he used a GPS to hike off-trail. Then, as a college junior, he combined his GPS skills with his mapmaking ability to help three indigenous communities in Ecuador create maps of their lands, which they'll use to defend themselves against future land incursions. Now, at age 25, Ben is using mapmaking to try to get people on board land conservation projects in Washington State, in the north-western United States.