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  • Production estimation of biofuel on marginal land and site selection for biofuel factories: A case study in Guangdong Province.

    Wang, F., Xun Shi

    Biomass and Bioenergy, 83: 302–310.

  • Projected changes in extreme temperature events based on the NARCCAP model suite. 2015

    R.M. Horton, E.D. Coffel, Jonathan M. Winter, D.A. Bader

    Geophysical Research Letters, 42, 7722-7731.

  • State-scale immigration enforcement and Latino interstate migration in the United States. 2016

    Ellis, M., Richard A. Wright, Townley, M.

    Forthcoming. Annals of the AAG

  • Alternating Scanning Orders and Combining Algorithms to Improve Efficiency of Flow Accumulation Calculation. 2015

    Yao, Y., Xun Shi

    International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 29(7): 1214-1239.


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