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  • Food on the Move

    Susanne Freidberg spoke recently with the BBC World Service about the early history of long-distance food transport, the invention of refrigeration, and the question of whether local food is really better for the environment.

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  • Life After Dartmouth

    Congratulations Geography Majors!!! You're off to some pretty exciting places after Dartmouth. (Click photo for placement after graduation.)

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  • Adam N. Brown '97 Award

    The Adam N. Brown '97 Memorial Award in Geography is presented each year to recognize the best written work in a Geography course. The student receives $500.00 and an engraved trophy. Additionally, their name will be listed on the Adam N. Brown '97 plaque in 021 Fairchild.

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  • Brooks Traveling Fellowship

    Dalia McGill, double major in Geography and Studio Art, received the Brooks Traveling Fellowship to conduct a photography project about the Belo Monte Dam, which is currently being constructed on the Xingu River in the Amazon.

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  • New Urban Studies Minor

    Most Dartmouth students grew up in and will increasingly encounter an urbanized world.  Yet we have no specific set of courses or curriculum to help prepare our students for those encounters.  Accordingly,  Geography has created a new minor in Urban Studies.

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  • Simone Wien '16 Winner Engaged Scholarship

    Simone Wien ’16, a Geography modified with Economics major, was selected to present at the Annual Engaged Scholarship & Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference at Harvard College, and was awarded First Prize for Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation.

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  • Our Nation's Health Care System

    It’s now common to refer to health plan members and patients alike as “health care consumers,” and to talk about the trend toward consumerism in U.S. health care.

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Recent Publications

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  • Wicked nutrition: The controversial greening of official dietary guidelines

    Susanne Freidberg

    Gastronomica (2016) 16, 2, 69-80

  • Land changes and their drivers in the cloud forest and coastal zone of Dhofar, Oman, between 1988 and 2013

    Christopher Galletti, Turner II BL, Myint SW

    Regional Environmental Change (accepted)

  • Detecting Fluvial Wood in Forested Watersheds using LiDAR Data: A Methodological Assessment. River Research and Applications.

    J.B. Atha, James Dietrich

    River Research and Applications, doi: 10.1002/rra.2989

  • Development and Evaluation of High-Resolution Climate Simulations over the Mountainous Northeastern United States

    Jonathan M. Winter, B. Beckage, G. Bucini, R.M. Horton, P.J. Clemins

    J. Hydrometeor, 17, 881–896. doi:


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