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  • From ‘big data’ to big regions: the geography of the American commute

    Rae A., Garrett G. D. Nelson

    Schintler LA and Chen Z, eds., Big Data for Regional Science (Routledge, 2018).

  • Structuring Hydro-social Relations in Urban Water Governance

    Joshua J. Cousins

    Annals of the American Association of Geographers. 107:5 1144-1161.

  • Remaking white residential segregation: metropolitan diversity and neighborhood change in the United States

    Mark Ellis, Richard A. Wright, Steven Holloway, Lee Fiorio

    Urban Geography Pages 1-27 | 16 Aug 2017

  • QTLs Associated with Crown Root Angle, Stomatal Conductance, and Maturity in Sorghum

    Jose R. Lopez Bobeda, Erickson, J.E, Munoz, P, Saballos, A., Felderhoff, T. J. , et al.

    The Plant Genome


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