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  • A love story: for 'Buddy System' research in the academy

    Patricia Lopez, Kathryn Gillespie

    Gender Place and Culture doi: 10.1080/0966369X.2016.1249354

  • Tree ring-dated glacial history for the First Millennium ce, Casement Glacier and Adams Inlet, Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA

    Jennifer M. Horton, Gregory D. Wiles, Daniel Lawson, Sarah N. Appleton, Joseph Wilch, et al.

    Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 48, no. 2 (2016): 253-261

  • Assessing spatial access to public and private hospitals in Sichuan, China

    Pan, J., Zhao, H., Wang, X, Xun Shi

    Social Science & Medicine, 170: 35–45.

  • Coupled impacts of climate and land use change across a river-lake continuum: insights from an integrated assessment model of La

    A. Zia, A. Bomblies, A.W. Schroth, C. Koliba, Jonathan M. Winter, et al.

    Environmental Research Letters, 11, 114026


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