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  • The Class of '61 Award ( supports honors-level research by a member of the incoming junior class.  

    Gentrification: the buzzword immediately conjures contrasting images of community growth and displacement, economic development and segregation, urban restoration and demolition. Public space development projects often cause gentrification by bringing new populations and capital into “failing” neighborhoods...

  • Jonathan Chipman and Xun Shi are part of a large multidisciplinary team recently awarded a $42 million National Institute of Health grant.  The project, led by Margaret Karagas of the Geisel School, will assess environmental influences on child health.  Geography's Shi and Chipman will be using geospatial data to study the health effects of exposure to "greenspace" and other aspects of the natural and built environment through which children move during their daily lives.  For more...

  • Susanne Freidberg spoke recently with the BBC World Service about the early history of long-distance food transport, the invention of refrigeration, and the question of whether local food is really better for the environment.  Listen to the program or download the podcast here.

  • After graduating, Nicholas was commissioned in the Navy and began flight training, getting his wings in February 1968. Nicholas spent much of his time in the western Pacific with tours in Vietnam,Okinawa, and the Philippines. During that time Nicholas got to fly into Korea, Japan, Twaiwan,Hong Kong,Singapore and Thailand. He also spent some time in the Indian Ocean as well as Iran. After retiring in 1988, Nicholas flew for the airlines until he retired for good in 2004.

    Courses in...

  • After a brief stint working for an education technology company in Boston, in 2013 Charlie joined into business with his father pursuing the development of commercial and utility scale solar arrays in the State of Vermont, and today the company, Essex Capital Partners, owns and operates facilities around the state with a combined generation capacity of 5megawatts.     As an undergraduate, Charlie took Geography courses in GIS,Political Ecology, and Economic Geography.   This background has...

  • After graduation Isaiah rode his bicycle from Alaska to Argentina for a year. Upon his return to my home in North Dakota he joined the Marine Corps.

    Isaiah is currently serving in the Marines as an infantry officer, stationed in Quantico, Virginia. Isaih believesDartmouth's Geography Department always pushed him towards a better understanding of place and space. He believes this has made him a better Marine and citizen, especially in a world riven by borders, segregation, and war....

  • For the past few years Genevieve was working for a Boston-based urban economic development organization founded by Michael Porter called ICIC (Initiative for a Competitive Inner City). At ICIC she was conducting research and advisory work on entrepreneurship- and cluster-driven urban economic development in the U.S. Genevieve just started a dual degree grad program -- Wharton MBA plus an MA in international studies from the Lauder Institute at Penn. 

  • After graduating from Dartmouth with her Geography degree, Laurie worked for several years in consulting in Washington DC before returning to school to obtain her M.A. in Demography from Georgetown. She worked as the County Demographer in the GIS Department of Prince William County, VA for several years. Laurie was so well prepared for that job thanks to her Geography studies at Dartmouth! In 2004, she moved back to her hometown (Columbus, Ohio) to enter her family business. Along with her...

  • Brendan's geography professors at Dartmouth  inspired him to become a professor himself.  In particular, George Demko and Richard Wright set an example as excellent teachers who were committed to their students while at the same time tackling important research questions with real-world political implications.  While Brendan went to graduate school in political science, some of his research focuses on the geography of American politics.

    He is now a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy...

  • Lindsay Allen will be working in the marketing department of Elite Hockey after graduation.

    Jessica Avitabile is working for the New York County District Attorney's office as a trial preparation assistant.

    Christopher Banks will be working as an analyst at the TMT strategy consulting firm, Altman Vilandrie and Company. 

    Madeline Broas will be working for the Virginia Democratic Party in the 2016 Presidential Capaign.

    Austin Boral will be moving to Washington, DC...