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  • The Long Shadow of NAFTA: An Economic Geography of Mexico's Integration in the Pacific Rim. In J. Briceño-Ruiz & P. De Lombae

    León-Manríquez, Luis F. ALVAREZ LEÓN

    The Political Economy of New Regionalisms in the Pacific Rim (1st ed., pp. 120–142). 2020

  • Future Extreme Event Vulnerability in the Rural Northeastern United States

    Jonathan M. Winter, F. Bowen, Jonathan Chipman, T.F. Partridge

    Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 109, 1110-1130. 2019

  • More concurrently hot and dry years in the Nile Basin despite increasing precipitation

    Justin S. Mankin, Ethan Coffel, B. Keith, C. Lesk, E. Bower, et al.

    , Earth's Future (2019) 10.1029/2019EF001247. 2019

  • Engineering the Mechanism / Repairing the Robot: Artificial Intelligence at the Intersection of Education and Industry.


    In T. D. Jules & F. D. Salajan (Eds.), The Educational Intelligent Economy: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the In


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