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  • Toward a care ethical approach to access to health care in neoliberal times

    Patricia Lopez

    Gender, Place & Culture(2019): 1-17

  • Holy cow! Beef ban, political technologies, and Brahminical supremacy in India

    Aparna Parikh, Miller, C.

    ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies, 18(4): 835-874. 2019

  • Future hot and dry years worsen Nile Basin water scarcity despite projected precipitation increases

    Ethan Coffel, Keith, B., Lesk, C. , Horton, R.M. , Bower, E., et al.

    Earth's Future. 2019

  • A qualitative approach to examining health care access in rural South Africa

    Abigail H. Neely, Arunsrinivasan Ponshunmugan, David A. Lutz, Lauren A. Culler, Ross A. Virginia, et al.

    Social Science & Medicine 230: 214-221. 2019


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