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  • ""Unable to Determine": Limits to Metrical Governance in Agricultural Supply Chains"

    Susanne Freidberg

    Science, Technology, & Human Values (2019):

  • Effect of rising temperature on Lyme disease: Ixodes scapularis population dynamics and Borrelia burgdorferi transmission and pr

    Wallace, Dorothy, Ratti, Vardayani, Kodali, Anita, Jonathan M. Winter, Jonathan Chipman, et al.

    Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology

  • Inroads for the outsourced: Call center graveyard shifts and the impacts of women on the nocturnal streets of Mumbai, India

    Aparna Parikh

    Suffragette City. Routledge, 198-215.

  • How cars became mobile spatial media: A geographical political economy of on-board navigation


    Mobile Media & Communication, 7(3), 362–379. 2019


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