Coleen A. Fox

Senior Lecturer


Fairchild 018
HB 6017


  • B.A. University of Virginia
  • M.A. University of Oregon
  • Ph.D. University of Oregon

Selected Publications

  • Fox, C. and Sneddon, C. 2019. Political borders, epistemological boundaries, and contested knowledges: constructing dams and narratives in the Mekong River Basin. Water, 11(3), 413;

  • Fox, C., Reo, N., Turner, D., Cook, J., Dituri, F., Fessell, B., Jenkins, J., Johnson, A., Rakena, T., Riley, C., Turner, A., Williams, J., Wilson, M. 2017. “The river is us; the river is in our veins”: redefining river restoration in three Indigenous communities.  Sustainabilty Science 12(4):521-533.

  • Fox, C., Sneddon, C. and F. Magilligan. 2016. “You kill the dam, you are killing a part of me”: the environmental politics of dam removal. Geoforum 70: 93-104.

  • Sneddon, C.S.; Magilligan, F.J. and Fox, C.A. 2017. Science of the dammed: Expertise and knowledge claims in contested dam removals. Water Alternatives 10(3): 677-696.

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