Student Spotlight Gianna Guarino

Geography's student spotlight is Gianna Guarino '15. Gianna became interested in geography her sophomore year when she took Professor Fox's geography 13 class. She doesn't recall much about the class, or even what it was called for that matter, but what she remembered thinking it was really cool. So she started taking more geography classes and each one got her more excited about geography at Dartmouth. Each class allowed her to meet a new professor with a unique vantage point into geography. 

Gianna's personal interests are mostly in the intersection of human health and geography, and in particular communicable diseases. The spatial component of geography gives her a unique lens with which to see and interpret the world. She also been very excited by her opportunities to work with GIS and use it to answer questions to problems such as where one should locate a nuclear power plant in New Hampshire or Vermont, based on 5-6 factors.