Peter Jolicoeur '95

Geography has played in important role Peter's my life and career.

After graduation, Peter worked at the National Geographic Society as a cartographer before deciding to pursue a Master in City & Regional Planning.

His main interest was the relationship between transportation infrastructure and the built environment.  As a small aircraft pilot, Peter became increasingly focused on airport development and compatible land use, leading to a new career as an airport consultant with a firm in San Francisco.  After several years working in the U.S.,  he had an opportunity to help start an office in Beijing to support new project work in China.  While at Dartmouth, Peter studied Chinese and participated in the Chinese FSP, giving him a strong foundation in the language.  Eight years later, Peter is still working in China, although now living with his family in Shanghai. Peter has been fortunate to work on projects in China, the Middle East, India, Europe, and Africa.  There is no question that hisexperiences at Dartmouth, not only in the Geography Department, but also my language studies and work as an Engineering Sciences minor are directly related to where he is today.