Life After Dartmouth

Lindsay Allen will be working in the marketing department of Elite Hockey after graduation.

Jessica Avitabile is working for the New York County District Attorney's office as a trial preparation assistant.

Christopher Banks will be working as an analyst at the TMT strategy consulting firm, Altman Vilandrie and Company. 

Madeline Broas will be working for the Virginia Democratic Party in the 2016 Presidential Capaign.

Austin Boral will be moving to Washington, DC to work as a business analyst for McKinsey & Company.

Taylor Braun will be launching a tech startup in the publishing space that she has been developing over the past year.  She just received commitments for the first round of funding, so keep a lookout for new updates about Taylor and her business!

Katrina Cord will be headed to Los Angeles after graduation. She hopes to go to a nursing school program to get her masters in nursing, but needs to complete pre-MWF prerequisite courses to take at UCLA as well as embarking on a 1yr volunteering internship in UCLA's nursing department. She hopes to be admitted to and starting a masters program in nursing as early as Fall 2017. 

Kripa Dongol will be going back to Maya Universe Academy as a Lombard Fellow to strengthen their experiential learning program and kick-start an outdoors learning program at the school. MUA is a coop style school that serves an underprivileged community in Nepal where Kripa volunteered her sophomore fall as a Tucker Fellow. 

Anna Driscoll will be working as a research analyst at Resource Systems Group (RSG) in Burlington, VT. She will be studying how changes in transportat ion systems would affect their users' behavior and presenting this research to various public-sector actors. Anna is not the first Dartmouth Geography major to join RSG! After working there for a few years, she hopes to continue her education in Urban Planning. 

Tyler Fritz will be working for a bank in Boston called Brown Brothers Harriman.

Sara Gabriele will be working at Google in California.

Hilary Hamm is moving to New York City to work for Concordia, a nonprofit organization that facilitates public-private partnerships. As a Campaign Coordinator, Hilary will be working directly on an anti-labor trafficking campaign. 

Ailish Forfar will be attending Ryerson University located in downtown Toronto, Ontario as a student in the Sport Media program. She received a two year hockey scholarship and will be pursuing a future in sports broadcasting after she completes her degree. 

Yvette Garcia will be working as a Strategy Fellow at Harlem Children’s Zone in New York.

Maisie Ide will be working as a Growth Analyst for Premise in San Francisco, CA. Premise is a data tech start up that specializes in measuring economic trends in developing countries. 

Dalia McGill, double major in Geography and Studio Art, received the Brooks Traveling Fellowship to conduct a photography project about the Belo Monte Dam, which is currently being constructed on the Xingu River in the Amazon. When completed in 2019, it will be the third largest dam in the world. The project has been very controversial, since it is causing the displacement of thousands of people, including indigenous people, and the will have serious environmental consequences. Dalia hopes to conduct a photography project documenting the impact that the construction of Belo Monte dam has had on the region’s communities. 

Laura McCulloch will be working in healthcare innovation consulting at Navigant Consulting in Washington, DC.

Lily Morrison will be working for the PGA TOUR in the Digital Media department at the headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. She is excited to combine her passion for international development, media, corporate social responsibility, and golf at this large non-profit organization that emphasizes charity fundraising.

Meg Parson will be starting work as an Associate at the Parthenon Group, a strategy consulting firm based in Boston, MA.

Tyler Rivera will be moving to New York City and working at a start-up focused on helping the world's most exciting brands create
 and distribute their own proprietary eyewear lines. He hopes to work full-time for at least four years, and potentially pursue an MPA/MBA after.

Olivia Samson will be in Atlanta working as an ORISE fellow at the CDC in the Immigrant Migrant and Refugee Health Branch.

Cecelia Shao will be working at IBM Watson – specifically on track to be a product manager.

Anna Sherman-Weiss '16 will be working as a paralegal case handler for the Legal Aid Society's Housing Practice's Tenant Rights Coalition in the Bronx (NYC).

Tien Truong will be working in Boston as an Analyst at MaPS, a marketing consulting firm.

Simone Wien will serve as an ORISE Fellow at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of Global Migration and Quarantine in Atlanta, Georgia. For the next year, she will be working on issues pertaining to immigrant, migrant, and refugee health within the United States.

Briana Williams is relocating to Boston to work for McAdam, an investment boutique where she’ll be doing financial advising. 

Jasmine Xu will be a Product Manager at Facebook next year. 

Drew Zwetchkenbaum will be pursuing a career in entertainment in Los Angeles after graduation.