Jacob Dudek '08

Jacob had an interest in architecture and urban planning that he wanted to explore further. An opportunity came up in Vail, CO to work for a real estate developer there. This was 2009 and effectively the real estate market had completely dried up so his foray into architecture and development was short lived.

Jacob moved to Seattle and decided paying $600 / mo in student loans wasn't going to cut it in life.He found a job at an investment bank doing transaction advisory (yikes!). He did that for 3 years, paid off his loans, dropped the mic and walked away. An opportunity came up in Park City, UT (his home town) to work for Backcountry.com, an outdoor goods online retailer. He took the job, moved back to Park City and within a year he was roped into selling the company to a private equity firm (yikes!). He worked closely with the management team and after the transaction closed, they pulled Jacob into a strategy role for about 2 years. Since then, he's taken over managing their bike business as the director of bike merchandising and though the work can still be demanding at times, he get to 1) shred on bikes which is awesome because bikes are fun, 2) challenge myhimself in working with lots of different people (he's an introvert) and 3) think through strategy for the bike business.


How has the Geo major helped? The writing. Distilling thoughts and points down into a concise and digestible story loop is probably one of the most valuable skills in life. Early in his career everything was quantitative and hard analysis and extreme attention to detail. While all these skills are still important, once you start managing other people, the skill set requirements change. This is where the Geo major has helped him the most.

Concise communication, crisp and clear thought organization and carefully weaving hard analysis into an argument. Great major - loved every minute of it!