Greg Barry '73

Greg Barry '73 Graduated with Geography and Urban Studies degree. His first job was with a firm led by the Dean of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning,  working on a contract with Athens, Greece, doing survey analysis aimed at determining how to change the incentives to have people not crowd into Athens and instead live and work in smaller locations like Piraeus. After completing a variety of analyses, at the conclusion of the effort, the principals got him a job at the Lab for Architecture and Planning and then another at the Cambridge Project, working on analytical software on Multics.


He graduated from the one-year Advanced Graduate Program at the Sloan School of Management MBA degree in 1976 and, hating New England winters, moved with his wife to Miami for about 18 months.


Came back to Washington area to work for American Management Systems, shortly before they went public. Spent 26 years there in IT consulting in a variety of roles. After we were acquired by another firm, I spent 12 years in IT at the IRS, managing modernization efforts and even some legacy organizations.


He retired in 2016, after the legislation I had worked under, Streamline Critical Pay (IRS laws that permitted private sector execs to work for more money than Senior Executive Service members earn) expired.


Geography work that he did got him his first job .He had spent a lot of time working on Survey Analysis at Dartmouth and had done a lot of Statistical Analysis work (Factor Analysis and Principal Components Analysis) in my Senior Year. The Survey Analysis was particularly important.


His son, Colin, graduated from Dartmouth in 2006 and was the editor of the D.