Justin Mankin Speaks to CNN about the Ongoing Southwestern Drought

Justin Mankin, assistant professor of Geography and co-lead of NOAA's Drought Task Force, was quoted in a CNN article Friday speaking to drought conditions in California and the Southwest. 

"'The La Niña forecast is about as auspicious for Southwestern drought relief as it was this time in 2020 or in 2021 – meaning not at all,' Justin Mankin [...] told CNN. 'What's pretty clear is that it is going to be hard to get the type of banner year for rain and snow we need to ameliorate this drought.'

Mankin said that in general, a La Niña year is 'a harbinger of a dry winter' – and that forecast comes at a crucial time for Western states as they attempt to negotiate huge cuts in water usage, particularly from the Colorado River."

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Fourth year in a row of drought is likely in Southwest after worst 3 on record.