Lucas Price Wins Poster Award

In March 2023, Lucas Price, a postdoc in Geography Department working with Professor Jonathan Winter, won the best poster competition at the 2023 TickBase Annual Meeting held in Tahoe, NV. His poster was focused on the process-based model developed within Dartmouth's TickBase research group, which used climate and land cover data to model black-legged tick abundance and pathogen prevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium which causes Lyme disease. The poster used MaxEnt models to predict the distribution of white-tailed deer and white-footed mice, which are common host species for ticks, and discussed potential ways to incorporate this output into the process-based model. He suggests using MaxEnt to better predict the location of tick hosts and to use MaxEnt output as a surface for modeling the movement of tick hosts within the process-based model.


Lucas Price presents poster at 2023 TickBase Annual Meeting
Lucas Price presents poster at 2023 TickBase Annual Meeting.