NSF Graduate Research Fellow Lizet Garcia '23 Continues Research on the School to Prison Pipeline

From CUNY:

"As a high school student in southern Los Angeles County, Lizet Garcia didn't question the presence of drug-sniffing dogs, police officers, and security cameras on campus. She took the law enforcement measures for granted, she said. After all, the neighborhood in Hawthorne, California, where Garcia grew up was heavily policed too.

But as a geography major at Dartmouth College, Garcia, who uses she and they pronouns, gained a different perspective on their experience. They realized it was both unusual and carceral.

She saw direct links between her high school experience and prison, and, for her undergraduate thesis, she decided to study the pipeline between schools and prisons in Los Angeles' South Bay communities. She received a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship in her sophomore year, which, among other things, supported her research. And in April, she received a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to investigate the topic further as an Earth and Environmental Sciences Ph.D. student at the Graduate Center."

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