Corey Lesk Quoted in Vox

From Vox: "Because it's been getting warmer on average, droughts tend to be hotter on average," explained Corey Lesk, a researcher at Dartmouth College studying climate impacts. Meanwhile, severe rainfall events are becoming more common. Rather than spreading out evenly through a growing season, precipitation is falling in fewer, more intense events. That not only causes flooding but it means plants don't get the water they need in between downpours. 

But Lesk noted that there are factors pushing in the other direction too. Climate change can mean a longer growing season for crops in some parts of the world, leading to more bountiful harvests. More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can help enhance plant growth to an extent. And farming techniques are improving with more widespread tools like hardier crop varieties, precision fertilization, and early disease detection. "The strongest trend pushing yields up in general is the technological trend," Lesk said."

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