Geography Major Plans after Graduation

Patrick Caldwell
Continuing his athletic career with the US Ski Team as a full time cross country skier.

Allegra Codamon
Peace Corps’ community gardening and agroforestry program in Senegal.

Elise Droof
Collective Health in San Francisco.

George Easley
Asset Management in San Francisco.

Eliza Ezrapour
Analyst at Bank of American in their Global Transaction Services division.

Libby Gibson
Darktrace in New York City selling the only unsupervised machine learning technology that prevents networks from cyber-attacks.

Libby Goldman
Americorps member for Breakthrough. Breakthrough builds a path through college, beginning in middle school, for students from low-income communities who will become the first in their families to earn a college degree.

Rachel Hand
Pursuing a dual-degree in Social Work and Public Health at Columbia.

Jessica Jones
Active duty medical services for the Army. Her first duty station will be Yongsan Garrison, South Korea.

Sara Lindquist
Analyst Relations for Smartsheet in Seattle, Washington.

Kelsey Byrd '13

After college, Kelsey worked on a fishing island in Maine doing community based health. They had a community coalition, taken straight from her geography curriculum, that looked at community solutions for youth substance abuse, aging in place and fitness and nutrition. After two years in Maine she made a career jump to college coaching at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. As a college coach, Kelsey engaged in issues of race and class every day working with athletes to help navigate a very privileged and white college campus. While it wasn't a big part of her job, she found her time as a geography major at Dartmouth very helpful to knowing how to talk about and facilitate conversations about difficult topics. Finally, Kelsey is currently in the process of making the shift back to community based work. In the fall she's starting an MBA program in Design Thinking at the California College of Arts that she hopes will be a spring board back into community based work. Kelsey feels a geography degree has stayed with her since her time at Dartmouth and continues to be useful in every job she's held.

Kim Hamer Hulse '84

Kim has worked at the National Geographic Society for the past 30 years  —where she is currently the Vice President of Education.

Although she believes she could not have predicted that she would have landed in the world of formal education, she absolutely wanted to have a career that used her Geography degree—and I found it!   Kim was recruited to work at National Geographic in 1988, when they were just starting an education outreach program meant to restore the teaching and learning of geography back into the nation’s schools.  As the program developed and grew, and education policy did its pendulum arc from emphasizing reading and math to a focus on STEM, our mission became one of infusing geographic concepts and skills into the K-12 curriculum overall.

Dan Gaulin '82

Dan went directly to graduate school at the University of North Carolina Department of City and Regional Planning and then to a career in affordable housing finance and administration, first with the NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development, then with the Massachusetts Dept.  of Housing and  Community Development and for the past 11 years as a self-employed consultant.  Geography at Dartmouth was great preparation for his career and he has no doubt that its reputation helped him gain admission to

UNC which is a top tier planning school.   He was always, and continues to be,

fascinated by the question of why different places look the way they do, why

they grow  and shrink and how and what factors shape regional economies.   In

addition,  he loves to travel and it is more fun when you have a basic understanding of geography.

Chuck Martin '82

After leaving Dartmouth Chuck attended the University of Kansas where he received an MA (1985) and PhD (1990) in geography. Since 1989 Chuck has been a professor in the geography department at Kansas State University, where he's served for the last 7 years as department head. His research over the last 15 years has focused on heavy metals stored in a relatively rural drainage network (Lahn River) in central Germany.  Obviously, his geography degree has had a major influence on his professional career!

Jacob Dudek '08

Jacob had an interest in architecture and urban planning that he wanted to explore further. An opportunity came up in Vail, CO to work for a real estate developer there. This was 2009 and effectively the real estate market had completely dried up so his foray into architecture and development was short lived.