George Perkins Marsh Award

Marsh was a member of the U.S. Congress, an author and farmer, and was the U.S. Minister to Turkey and Italy. He was also a philologist of international reputation. To us his most important attributes are that he attended Dartmouth; however, briefly, he was a resident of Woodstock, VT; and is the author of a book "The Earth as Modified by Human Activity." This volume helped to found the environmental movement in the United States and to place Geography in the forefront of that movement.

  • 2017: Bryn Morgan '17
  • 2015: Lily Michelson '15
  • 2014: Dela Kpo '14, Celeste Winston '14
  • 2013: Xiaodan Wang '13
  • 2012: Angela Zhang '12
  • 2011: Emily Broas '11
  • 2010: Adam Bledsoe '10
  • 2009: Laura Hester '09
  • 2008: Linden Mallory '08
  • 2007: Ocean Castaneda '07

Alexander Von Humboldt Award

Humboldt was a great savant of the late 18th and early 19th century who sought to understand the unity of nature and society. His landmark work Kosmos established him as the leader of scientific geography, who regarded generic studies – the search for general principles that would lead to the understanding of the unity of all reality – as the highest level of scientific analysis.

  • 2017: Soohyung Hur '17
  • 2017: Arunsrinivasan Ponshunmugam '17
  • 2015: Tianyang Wang '15
  • 2014: Madeleine Parker '14, Emily Weiswasser '14
  • 2013: Michelle Lee '13
  • 2012: Robert Szypko '12
  • 2011: Rose Brennon '11
  • 2010: Yacoba Annobil '10
  • 2009: Emily Eros '09
  • 2008: Will McMahan '08
  • 2007: Hongwei Chen '07
  • 2006: Adeline Yong '06

National Council For Geographic Education

The NCGE is a 3500 member organization whose objective is to foster and increase the effectiveness of geographic education in North America. Each year the Council presents an Excellence in Scholarship Award to an outstanding senior geography major at each of several American Colleges and Universities.

  • 2017: Rebecca Asoulin '17
  • 2017: Ashley Manning-Lockett '17
  • 2016 - Anna Ghnouly '16
  • 2016 - Cecilia Shao '16
  • 2015: Taylor Malmsheimer '15
  • 2014: Celeste Winston '14
  • 2013: Michelle Lee '13
  • 2012: Robert Szypko '12
  • 2011: Joel Butterly '11
  • 2010: Sara Brown '10
  • 2009: Laura Hester '09
  • 2008: Caroline Burns '08, Amy Flaster '08, Dan Mahoney '08
  • 2007: Benjamin Wilson '07, Jesse Tichenor '06

Adam N. Brown '97

The Adam N. Brown '97 Memorial Fund is an endowment established at Dartmouth College by the family and friends of Adam Brown, Class of 1997, to celebrate his life and perpetuate his energy, innovation, and enthusiasm. Adam was a prospective major in Geography when he died of cancer in 1994.

The Adam N. Brown '97 Memorial Award in Geography is administered by the Department of Geography. The award is presented to recognize the best written work in Geography in an academic year. In accordance with the wishes of the family and the faculty, the student need not be a major in Geography. The names of the successive recipients of the award will be engraved on a plaque displayed in the Geography Department.

  • 2017: Yijun Wang '17 - "Food Shopping in China: A Fresh Perspective"
  • 2016: Jasmine Xu '16 - "A Lost Generation: Exploring social consequences of urbanization in China through Jia Zhangke's 24 City"
  • 2015: Carly Schnitzler '16 - "Meat with Conscience, but not Conscious: An Alternative"
  • 2014: Caroline Liegey '13  - "Julia Child Meets Food Network's Celebrity Chefs and Foodies: The Evolution of Gastronomic Celebrity from the Mid-Twentieth Century to the Present"
  • 2013: Bridget Golob '14 - "The 2009 California Global Warming Solutions Act: How State Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Legislation and Environmental Justice Intersect"
  • 2013: Alana Dickson '13 - "External Intervention and Participatory Approaches to South Asian Water Aid: Helping or Hurting Women?"
  • 2012: Emily Weiswasser '14 - "A Landscape of Contestation: The Village at Velvet Rocks vs. Greensboro Road "
  • 2011: Javed Jaghai '12 - "A Progress Report on the Geography of Masculinities"
  • 2010: Rigel Cable '10 & Jessica Montes '10 - "Men and Kathoey Fight Against Harm (MAKFAH)"
  • 2009: Rebecca Sacks '08 - "Curry in Britain: Dishing out 'Britishness' in Postcolonial Britain"
  • 2008: Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin '07 - "Feeling the Funk in Brazil: the Geopolitical Story"
  • 2007: Lucy Whidden '07 - "A Failed Celebration: Unmet Promises of Urban Justice in Disney's Celebration, FL"
  • 2006: Kristina Gebhard '09 - "Opposing neocolonialism in a repressive state: a geopolitical analysis of two forms of resistance in post-colonial Kenya"

Bob Huke Award

Bob was a devoted and beloved Geographer, and a devoted and beloved friend of Dartmouth. From an academic standpoint, Bob enriched the lives of many through his teaching, his research, and his involvement with the Association of American Geographers (AAG). He had served on numerous AAG committees at both the national and regional level, and he was a focal component of the Asia Specialty Group. Bob's research interests focused primarily in SE Asia, and he was a specialist in agricultural and population geography. He was the Dartmouth class of '48. After getting his Ph.D. in Geography from Syracuse in 1953, he started teaching at Dartmouth immediately. Bob retired in 1990, and he was an active emeritus.

Over his 30+ years teaching experience at Dartmouth he touched many lives, and he was one of Dartmouth's most appreciated and beloved professors. Since Bob was such an ardent field scholar and devoted to undergraduate teaching, the department established a research travel fund to memorialize him. We have numerous students doing Senior Honors Theses every year, with many of them traveling overseas (as Bob would love).

  • 2017: Diego Pedraza Novak '17
  • 2017: Narcissa Summerall '17
  • 2016: Hilary Hamm '16
  • 2016: Tien Truong '16
  • 2015: Rachel Funk '15
  • 2014: Daniel Bornstein '14
  • 2013: Ifeoma Achebe '13, James Lee '13
  • 2012: Anna Wearn '12
  • 2011: Genevive O'Mara '11
  • 2010: Eric Espinoza '10, Liza Bennett '10
  • 2009: Hillary Wool '09
  • 2008: Katie Moerlein
  • 2007: Christine Terada
    • Thesis: Experience all of Polynesia Tourist Performances and the Construction of Cultural Identities
  • 2006: Adeline Yong
    • Thesis: The Fashion of Clutering and Specialization in China's Apparel Industry: How Lone Threads can Weave into a Tapestry
  • 2005: Kristine Belford
    • Thesis: You Are Where You Live? Conceptions of Identity of Singaporean Public Housing Residents

Class of '76 Award

The Geography Stretch '76 Fund is a true endowment established to help support the study of Geography at Dartmouth College. The investment is intended to ensure that the College continues at the forefront of American higher education and that its students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities they will meet as they assume positions of leadership.

  • 2017: William Paja '17
  • 2016: Anna Driscoll '16
  • 2015: Brian McGahie '15
  • 2014: Lotta Nygren '14, Katelyn Walker '14
  • 2013: Abigail Franklin '13
  • 2012: Erika Flowers '12
  • 2011: George Thorman '11
  • 2010: Rigel Cable '10
  • 2009: Alexandra Prokhorova '09
  • 2008: Amy Flaster '08
  • 2007: Benjamin Wilson '07

The Guido R. Rahr '51 Award For Excellence in Geography

Guido Rahr '51 came from a family of conservationist-philanthropists. His family owned Rahr Malting Co., which was founded by his great grandfather, William Rahr, in 1847. Joining the family business after graduation, he rose to become chairman of the board and chief executive officer as well as head up the Rahr Foundation. He supported Geography and Dartmouth from the year he graduated until his death in 2005.

Guido Rahr loved maps and loved Geography. In the 1980s, the Rahr Foundation donated a tract of land in Oregon to the College with the intent of supporting the Geography Department. The land was eventually sold and the endowment, like College's, has grown from strength to strength, and now supports a range of activities in the department, the most obvious of which is the GIS lab.

  • 2017: Phillip Gomez '17
  • 2016: Yvette Garcia '16
  • 2015: Carly Carlin '15
  • 2014: Cooper Thomas '14, Steve Tebbe '14
  • 2013: Aurelia Solomon '13, Duncan Hall '13
  • 2012: Stephanie Chan '12, Ben Hughey '12, Sara Kler '12
  • 2011: Christopher Han '11, Carla Costillo '11
  • 2010: Liya Schuster '10, Corey Cunningham '10
  • 2009: Dominic Winski '09

Leah Horowitz Award For Social Justice

This award is given to that student who best exemplifies through course work, internships and/or volunteering President Dickey's charge that "the world's problems are your problems'" It honors Leah Horowitz, who died tragically in a road accident while working in Ghana. Leah was a student who taught and humbled us. She was great in the classroom but always had one foot outside of it. After graduation she got a Master's degree, got a development policy job in DC, but what she really wanted was to get back to Africa, where she'd spent time as an undergraduate and where she wanted to make a difference. Her own words, taken from a chronicle of her life in Ghana, best describe Leah's ever-questioning spirit:

"I've been here for a bit of time now, and a bit of the newness has worn off and with it, I fear, some of the sharp curiosity. It seems possible to be lulled into a false sense of knowing something. But I know nothing!"

Actually she knew a great deal-about the hard work that goes into building a better world and about how to make the most of life along the way. It is in her memory that we make this award.

  • 2017: Gretchen Herrick '17
  • 2016: Kripa Dongol '16
  • 2016: Tyler Rivera '16
  • 2015: Murylo Batista '15
  • 2014: Sarah Fernandez '14, Jamilah Mena '14
  • 2013: Emma Smith '13
  • 2012: Javed Jaghai '12
  • 2011: Phoebe Gardener '11
  • 2010: Eric Schildge '10
  • 2009: Ediz Tiyansan '09

Class of '61 Award

This award supports honors-level research by a member of the incoming junior class.  The Class of ’61 offers the $1500 award to one or more departments each year, typically for a period of three years.  Currently it is supporting Geography. Eligibility for this award is limited to Geography majors in the class of 2019 who will be on campus in Fall 2017 and available to present their research at the class of ’61’s annual reunion (set for October 7, 2017). Students may indicate their interest to the department chair or other faculty members. 


  • 2016: Clare Mathias '18