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I am a political economic geographer with substantive interests in geospatial data, media, and technologies. My research integrates the geographic, political, and regulatory dimensions of the informational and digital economy. At a high level, this research agenda is motivated by three core questions:

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Fairchild 020
HB 6017


  • Ph. D. UCLA
  • M.A. UCLA
  • B.A. UNAM, Mexico

Selected Publications

  • 14. Alvarez León, L.F. & Rosen, J. (2019). “Technology as Ideology in Urban Governance”. L. Bian (Ed.). “Smart Spaces and Places”, Special Issue of Annals of the American Association of Geographers. DOI:

  • 13. Quinn, S. & Alvarez León, L.F. (2019). “Every Single Street? Rethinking Full Coverage Across Street-Level Imagery Platforms”. Transactions in GIS, 00, 1-22. DOI:

  • 12. Alvarez León, L.F. (2019). “How cars became mobile spatial media: A geographical political economy of onboard navigation”. Invited Submission for J. Frith & D. Özkul (Eds.). “Mobile Media Beyond Mobile Phones” [Special Issue]. Mobile Media & Communication. 7(3). 362-379. DOI:

  • 11. Alvarez León, L.F. (2019). “Eyes on the Road: Surveillance Logics in the Autonomous Vehicle Economy”. Invited submission to D. Murakami Wood & T. Monahan (Eds.). “Platform Surveillance” [Special Issue]. Surveillance & Society, 17(1). DOI:

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