Luis F. Alvarez León

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography

I am a political economic geographer with substantive interests in geospatial data, media, and technologies. My research integrates the geographic, political, and regulatory dimensions of the informational and digital economy. At a high level, this research agenda is motivated by three core questions:

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1) How are digital economies geographically configured and integrated into capitalism?

2) How do geospatial data, media, and technologies circulate through and transform these digital economies?

3) How are social relations and possibilities for political action rearticulated in the (geospatial) digital economy?

I am currently exploring answers to these questions through research projects addressing (among others) the geographies of autonomous vehicles, and the changing political economy of remote sensing in the context of the small satellite revolution.


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Fairchild 020
HB 6017
B.A. UNAM, Mexico

Selected Publications

Alvarez León, L.F. (2018). “A blueprint for market construction? Spatial data infrastructure(s), interoperability, and the EU Digital Single Market”. Geoforum. 92. 45-57.

Alvarez León, L.F. & Quinn, S. (2018). “The Value of Crowdsourced Street-Level Imagery: Examining the Shifting Property Regimes of OpenStreetCam and Mapillary”. GeoJournal. March. 1-20.

Alvarez León, L.F. (2018). “Information Policy Regimes and the Spatial Constitution of Digital Geographic Information Markets”. In Alvarez León, L.F., Christophers, B., and Yu, L. (Eds.), The Spatial Constitution of Markets [Special Issue]. Economic Geography. 94, 3. 217-237

Alvarez León, L.F. (2017). “The Political Economy of Spatial Data Infrastructures”. In Coetzee, S., Behr, F.J., Cooper, A. et al. (Eds.), Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), Standards, Open Data and Open Source Software [Special Issue]. The International Journal of Cartography. November, 1-19.

Alvarez León, L.F. & Gleason, C.J. (2017). “Production, Property, and the Construction of Remote Sensing Data”. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Methods, Models, and GIS Section. 107(5), September, 1-15.

Alvarez León, L.F. (2016). “Property Regimes and the Commodification of Geographic Informa- tion: an Examination of Google Street View”. In Leszczynski, A. & Crampton, J. (Eds.). Spatial Big Data and Everyday Life [Special issue]. Big Data & Society. July-December, 1-13.

Alvarez León, L.F. (2015). “The Digital Economy and Variegated Capitalism”. Canadian Journal of Communication. 40(4), 637-654.