Luis F. Alvarez León

Department of Geography

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I am a political economic geographer with substantive interests in geospatial data, media, and technologies. My research integrates the geographic, political, and regulatory dimensions of the informational and digital economy. At a high level, this research agenda is motivated by three core questions:

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Fairchild 020
HB 6017


  • B.A. UNAM, Mexico
  • M.A. UCLA
  • Ph. D. UCLA

Selected Publications

  • Alvarez León, L.F. (2018). “Counter-mapping the Spaces of Autonomous Driving”. Invited article for Thatcher, J. & Dalton, C. (Eds.). New Perspectives on Critical Cartography. [Special Issue]. Cartographic Perspectives. Forthcoming.

  • Alvarez León, L.F. (2018). “A blueprint for market construction? Spatial data infrastructure(s), interoperability, and the EU Digital Single Market”. Geoforum. 92. 45-57.

  • Alvarez León, L.F. & Quinn, S. (2018). “The Value of Crowdsourced Street-Level Imagery: Examining the Shifting Property Regimes of OpenStreetCam and Mapillary”. GeoJournal. March. 1-20.

  • Alvarez León, L.F. (2018). “Information Policy Regimes and the Spatial Constitution of Digital Geographic Information Markets”. In Alvarez León, L.F., Christophers, B., and Yu, L. (Eds.), The Spatial Constitution of Markets [Special Issue]. Economic Geography. 94, 3. 217-237

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