Richard A. Wright

Academic Appointments
  • Professor of Geography Emeritus

  • Orvil Dryfoos Professor of Public Affairs Emeritus

Richard studies labor markets and housing markets in the US. He has a new research project on neighborhood change and neighborhood inequality in the UK. He also remains interested in "skilled" migration and related immigration topics.

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Fairchild, Room 011




  • B.Ed. University of Nottingham
  • M.A. Indiana University
  • Ph.D. Indiana University

Selected Publications

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Works In Progress

  • Principal Investigator, with Jonathan Chipman (Dartmouth College), "An Interactive Web-Based Atlas of Segregation and Diversity." CompX Faculty Grant, Neukom Institute, Dartmouth College.



  • Geographies of Ethnic Diversity and Inequalities (GEDI). Funded by ESRC (UK). £943k.

    Principal Investigator: Dr Gemma Catney, (Queens Belfast)  Co-Investigators: Sarah Coates (Office for National Statistics), Prof Mark Ellis (University of Washington), Prof Nissa Finney (University of St Andrews), Dr Stephen Jivraj (University College London), Prof Chris Lloyd (Queen's University Belfast), Prof David Manley (University of Bristol), Prof Richard Wright (Dartmouth College).