The Citrin Family GIS/ASA Laboratory

The Citrin Family GIS/Applied Spatial Analysis Laboratory (114 Fairchild)

The Citrin Family GIS/Applied Spatial Analysis Laboratory works to support research and applications in geographic information systems, remote sensing, spatial analysis, and related fields. The lab is sponsored by the department of Geography, the department of Earth Sciences, and the Environmental Studies program, and offers consultation and technical assistance to faculty, staff, and students across campus who are using GIS and spatial analysis in their research.

The laboratory's permanent facilities include workstations and laptops; Network Attached Storage (NAS) units and servers for high-volume data sets; and assorted peripherals including a large-format plotter and a map scanner. Equipment for field work includes a variety of GPS units, an Ocean Optics field spectroradiometer system, and access to a terrestrial lidar scanner for fine-scale topographic mapping and 3D modeling. Finally, the laboratory provides access to a wide range of software packages for data analysis, including ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, Matlab, Atlas-TI, and specialized topographic mapping/3D analysis software.

To learn more about the lab, or to discuss a project that might benefit from access to the lab, please contact us.