The Citrin Family GIS/ASA Laboratory

Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources

The Citrin GIS/Applied Spatial Analysis Lab supports research in geographic information science and technology, remote sensing, spatial analysis, geographic data visualization, and related fields. The lab is affiliated with the College's Geography Department, Earth Sciences Department, and Environmental Studies Program. It is supported by grants from the Jeffrey and Rona Citrin Family, the Neukom Institute for Computational Science, the J. Robert Porter '57 Fund, and the Computing Technology Venture Fund.

The lab offers nine workstations, including three Dell Precision 7920 towers configured for high-performance data processing for photogrammetry and geovisualization, and three Alienware mobile workstations plus two Aurora towers with advanced graphics for use of virtual reality and immersive 3D environments. Networked space for data hosting, collaboration, and distribution is available from Dartmouth's Research Computing high-performance servers. For data visualization purposes, there are eight sets of virtual reality headsets and hand controllers, a large-format wall-mounted digital display, and a large-format HP Z5200 plotter. Other hardware at the lab includes a variety of GPS units and an Ocean Optics dual field spectroradiometer with fiber-optic probes.

Software available in the lab includes ArcGIS, QGIS, ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, Matlab, IDL, CloudCompare, Agisoft Metashape, Unity 3D, Meshlab, and other packages for GIS, spatial analysis, remote sensing/image processing, and data visualization. The lab's data library includes an extensive archive of spatial data and satellite imagery. Lab staff have expertise with the open-source interactive web map development platform Leaflet, including rapid high-volume visualization of tiled vector and raster spatial data.

To learn more about the lab, or to discuss a project that might benefit from access to the lab, please contact us.

Find out more information on the Citrin Lab's website here.